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Stars and STRIPE part 1 with guest LAURA JEAN SHANNON

Sarah and Shawn go deep on episode 12 with insight on stunts, VFX, locations and even some deleted scenes. Then we sit down for a talk with Supersuit designer Laura Jean Shannon!

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‘Raise to Heavens’ by Rafael Krux ( – Used with permission.

4 thoughts on “Stars and STRIPE part 1 with guest LAURA JEAN SHANNON”

  1. One thing I liked after the credits etc had run the very last thing said was “Brec move your head” – an out of show suggestion to the final scene where STRIPE is about to punch stargirl.

    1. What it says is “Greg, move your head” — it’s the tag for all of Greg Berlanti’s shows… where the boy in front of the TV represents young Greg Berlanti being yelled at by his dad to stop blocking the view of the TV. This was a common occurrence in households with children in the 80’s and earlier, as TVs were often mounted in big cabinets that say on the floor, and the kids didn’t get couch access (or chose to be closer to the TV) and sat on the floor to watch.

  2. I never knew that ‘move your head’ was a nod to Greg Berlanti. I always heard it and always expected it after Arrow et al. was finished. Although, for people who watch shows digitally (Netflix for example) the credits are cut out. So does that mean Stargirl is under two production companies: Berlanti Productions and Geoff’s one?
    P.S. Laura Jean Shannon, I love the little stars on Stargirl’s shorts. I can’t wait to see her next costume seasons later.
    P.P.S. I never knew Riggers were responsible for bringing in a 8 foot contraption to scan character’s bodies.

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