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STARGIRL 213 w/ Milo Stein

It’s the season finale and we’re talking to the littlest Big Bad, Milo Stein, who played the evil child incarnation of Eclipso! And of course we walk you through all you need to know about the episode and what the finale sets up for season 3!

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‘Raise to Heavens’ by Rafael Krux ( – Used with permission.

1 thought on “STARGIRL 213 w/ Milo Stein”

  1. Stargirl season 2 ends with once again 13 episodes. I read the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad series by Joshua Williamson last month and a ice-based character was the secret to take down Eclipso. I thought it was going to be something similar here with Icicle Jr. but all he did was paint. I figured it was going to be Beth who would be the one to break all of Eclipso’s control on everyone. Season 2 had flashbacks, Wildcat absent then back, Hourman absent then back, Jade absent then back, Shade in flux, STRIPE broken and fixed, and Shiv turning a new leaf.
    With Stargirl herself, I loved how back in Season 1 episode 2 she had the staff make a force field. I guess she would learn how to do that more next season while also picking stuff up and throwing far distances.
    For next season I’ll be looking forward to Shining Knight coming back with his winged horse and a Red Arrow with Vigilante. If Jenny has the ring then maybe we could see Keli Quintela appear. If a green ring is in Nebraska could there also be a violet ring. Also, if the pink pen is this powerful The Justice Society of America should just put it back in their headquarters.
    I will be looking forward to more Artemis in future seasons. I have to assume next season will be back at school and Artemis will be back to showing her capabilities as a football player ( European or/and American football). Maybe see a relative of Artemis or Tigress’ past.
    Brec Bassinger you are a star-studded Star and a all-star Stargirl. Courtney started the season going on patrol and having nothing to do, to finding people she can trust in the Shade, and ultimately being taken over by Eclipso to bring everyone together to save the day. Now, with season 2 finished what do you want Stargirl to do with the cosmic staff (or as James Dale Robinson calls it ‘the cosmic rod’) that she has not done before on the show? And what is one character you would like to see stop by on Earth-2 in Nebraska from the dc universe? (mine is Powergirl) Have fun filming in ATL.

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