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Season Finale with guest GEOFF JOHNS

It’s the season finale of Stargirl, so we’re comin’ at you with a GIANT-SIZE SPECIAL!
Its an extra-long episode because we have a LOT to say about this Fanale, the season in general, and our guesses for Season 2! But we’re not the only ones with a lot to say… This episode also features an intherview with Stargirl creator/showrunner Geoff Johns… and it’s over an hour long on its own!

But we’re not done! Every interview we’ve had all season long has been edited for content… keep your subscriptions going, because we’ll be posting the extended editions of those in the coming weeks, as well as bringing you EVEN more cast and crew interviews!

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‘Raise to Heavens’ by Rafael Krux ( – Used with permission.

1 thought on “Season Finale with guest GEOFF JOHNS”

  1. What a summer! 13 episodes/ 1 season for a strong, brave and powerful superhero to kick off the beginning of Geoff Johns’ productions!
    In the podcast Geoff mentioned a Q&A he had for DC Universe which brought up questions about Airwave/Hal Jordan, the Question and his Watchman counterpart, Bridgewater, Sinestro’s secret origin, and Zero Hour. But in terms of Shade I would be curious to see how the Stargirl team will portray the extent of his powers (how much will he be able to teleport).
    I am excited to see Stargirl grow with the cosmic staff and Wildcat perfect her combat technique in season 2!
    One last thing, why 13 episodes for 1 season? Young Justice goes for 25 episodes for a season (even though its 30 minutes long), while Legacies goes the distance with more than 20 hour-long episodes (both Warner Bros properties). Could season 2 double its episodes to include more JSA (Dr. Fate), more Courtney and Jordan (Icicle) family drama, more Stargirl team (Wildcat (either becoming more of a leader or going out on her own)), and more Nebraska history.
    P.S. Geoff Johns, on the chance you are reading this, Three Jokers is many weeks away and I already really love two of Jason Fabok’s covers: the Killing Joke one and the Joker looking through his left hand. Happy story-telling!

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