Stargirl Aftershow



“What I like about the third episode, the Icicle episode, is we get this glimpse into the back story and motivations behind Jordan and what led him to become the man that we see all those years later. And I’m really hoping that it’s going to create conflict in the audience because of course everyone’s going to want to choose a side and surely they’re going to choose the side of the Justice Society with Stargirl and that’s going to be pitted against the Injustice Society and Icicle. So they’re going to be looking to Icicle as being this villain. But what episode three does so brilliantly is it turns it on its head by giving plausible motivations behind Jordan’s actions and making sure that we understand that he’s not just doing this for mustache-twirling nefarious reasons but he’s actually motivated by something that’s pure and completely understandable and that most people on the planet would have the same feelings if something happened to one of their loved ones.”
—Neil Jackson, Exclusive Stargirl Aftershow Interview

Tune in this week to hear our deep dive into episode 3 and learn more about Icicle from the man himself, Neil Jackson. Do you agree with his actions? Do you think he’s justified in what he’s doing?