Stargirl Aftershow

thanks for being our guest!

Here are some tips for getting the best audio quality from home

MOST IMPORTANT: Please wear headphones!

Any headphones you have will be fine. If you have wireless (bluetooth) headphones such as AirPods or similar, please just make sure they’re paired to your computer. 

Wearing headphones will keep my voice from echoing back into your microphone and creating a terrible racket for the listener.

If you happen to have an external microphone, please use it.

I don’t expect you to have a dedicated microphone, so if you don’t, absolutely don’t worry about it. 

However, If you do happen to have any sort of microphone that you can plug into your computer, it will go a long way to making you sound better to the audience! Whether it’s a USB mic or a regular headphone jack mic, go ahead and plug it in!

No Microphone? No Problem!

Most people have a set of these old earbuds (or something similar) lying around. If you have some of these, or some wireless equivalent… if it works for phone calls, it will work for our purposes! 

If you don’t have a mic or headphones with a mic, we will just use your computer’s internal mic. It’s not ideal, but we can make it work!

30 Minutes before the Interview, You'll get an email

The email will be similar to the one above. If your default browser is Chrome, just click on the “Join Session” button. It’s that easy.

The system we use for interviews is called “Cast” and it will capture your end of the conversation via your browser to allow for the best audio quality. 

If you use a different browser, see the next step…

Chrome isn't your default browser?

Just right-click on the button and go to “Open With… > Google Chrome.” If you have a Windows computer, this may look a bit different, but should be essentially the same.

Unfortunately, only Chrome is supported, so if you don’t have it, I’d ask that you please download it here

Select Your Mic and Headphones

When you get in, the site will take you through some basics of the platform, and then you’ll be greeted with this screen. If you’re using a USB mic or wireless headphones, then you’ll just select it from the dropdown. Otherwise, the defaults will probably suffice. When you’ve got them selected, click the big button and we’re ready to go!


Not to worry… if you have any difficulties at all, just let me know and we’ll sort it out. If you’re more comfortable conducting an interview over the phone, that can also be arranged. 

I’m extremely grateful to you for being a part of the show and I want to make the experience as easy as possible for you, so just let me know what I can do to achieve that and I’ll get it done. 

If you need to reach me directly, you can call or text me at 941-330-4998 or email me at

Thanks again, and I can’t wait to talk to you!