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Episode 1 Behind The Scenes and Easter eggs

By now, you’ve hopefully listened to our episode covering the premiere episode of Stargirl

Below are some images to show you what we were talking about with some of our behind the scenes and Easter egg info! 

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1 thought on “Episode 1 Behind The Scenes and Easter eggs”

  1. Matthew Markovich

    So, there is no ‘DONNER’ County in Nebraska? Sad. Either on one of your podcasts or in an article about possible future crossovers, it was stated Brec really wants ‘Supergirl’. Got me thinking, does the new Earth 2 have Superman and or Supergirl/Powergirl? In season 2 they could have Courtney/Stargirl meet and team up with E-2 Supergirl. Played by different actress (Laura Vandervoort-hint, hint) and then from season 3 forward there could be real crossovers. Run with it b efore I give to somebody else!

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