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Yvette Monreal Interview

November 23, 2022/

This is the interview that was missing from last week's episode, all on its own for people who already listened…

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About Stargirl

Stargirl is a TV series based on the Comic Book character of the same name, created by Geoff Johns. The character started life as “The Star-Spangled Kid” before taking on the mantle of Stargirl. 

Stargirl, the TV series, is about teenager Courtney Whitmore, who discovers that her new stepfather has a past as part of a superhero group, and may be connected to her own past, as well. 

When she finds the mysterious Cosmic Staff, a powerful weapon that is supposed to only work for the deceased hero Starman, Courtney set out to do some good in the world and try to live up to the legacy that she has inherited. 

Originally developed for the DC Universe Streaming App, Stargirl is now airing Wednesdays at 8pm on the CW, and for free on the CW App the following day! Seasons 1 and 2 can be found on HBO Max!

About Us

Shawn McBee is the former graphic designer and current Keeper of Lore on DC’s Stargirl. As a crew member, he has the inside scoop on all things Stargirl and shares those scoops with the Aftershow StarFam!

This is not his first foray into podcasting, as he created the podcast TABLE READS, which he produces, edits and co-hosts, and also runs the podcasting network, FANDOM LIMB MEDIA.

A life-long nerd and comics fan, Shawn brings a lot of knowledge to the Stargirl Aftershow and is happy to know that many consider it the best Stargirl Podcast on the internet!

Sarah Winkler is a Hufflepuff who spends her days working, creating, reading comics, playing games, and spending time with her family. Her latest project is co-host and editor of WHAT’S NEW, NANCY DREW, a podcast which covers the new Nancy Drew TV show on the CW.

Sarah’s background is in writing and TV/Film studies. Her current favorite shows are Supernatural and Nancy Drew. A peek in her purse will reveal travel games and a look in her closet will show thousands of comics and graphic novels.

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